A Parent’s guide to Childcare Vouchers

Get all the information you need to start saving on childcare with our free guide

Looking after your children is one of the most rewarding but exhausting jobs in the world.  If you are one of the millions of working parents, you’ll probably be worried about the extra cost of childcare.

With the cost of living soaring and more working parents than ever before, it hardly comes as a surprise that Childcare Vouchers are becoming one of the most popular benefits employers can offer working parents. 

Working parents can benefit from significant tax and NI savings of up to £1,195 a year using Childcare Vouchers, and up to double the amount if both parents are part of a Childcare Vouchers scheme.

Our free guide provides easy to understand information on how a Childcare Vouchers scheme works to help you to decide whether Childcare Vouchers are right for your family.  And if they are, details on how to start saving with Childcare Vouchers. 

Your free Childcare Vouchers guide includes

  • An introduction to Childcare Vouchers - what they are and whether or not you are eligible to receive them
  • An explanation of salary sacrifice
  • How Childcare Vouchers allow for tax and NI savings and the type of savings you can make
  • How Childcare Vouchers work, including where you can use them and the different types of care they can be used for
  • Information for childcare providers - how to register to become an approved carer and receive Childcare Vouchers 
  • Whether or not vouchers are right for you, if they are, details on how to start receiving them
  • Frequently asked questions and some things to consider before starting with Childcare Vouchers

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