Edenred Childcare Vouchers
A Childcare Voucher scheme provides savings for employers and employees, making it the most popular, cost effective way for employers to engage working parents.

As the UK's leading provider of Childcare Voucher benefits, we offer a flexible and efficient service to employers, parents and childcare providers.

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Guide for Employers

Whether setting up a Childcare Vouchers scheme or switching suppliers, our free guide "Childcare Vouchers - What makes a successful scheme?" includes tips, case studies and advice.

It provides essential information required to make an informed decision about Childcare Vouchers.

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Guide for Parents

Our free guide “Childcare Vouchers – What are they all about?” provides easy to understand information on how Childcare Vouchers work so you can decide whether they are right for your family. 

And if they are, the guide details on how you can start saving aound £1,000 a year with them. 

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Speaking in reaction to the Government’s announcement today that it will create a dysfunctional monopoly market for the delivery of its new tax-free childcare scheme by autumn 2015.